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Step into the magic of the season with our Pack of 2 Christmas Ornaments, where you have the freedom to choose two enchanting pieces from our collection. Embrace the joy of the holidays with these meticulously crafted ornaments adorned with timeless elegance through delicate pearl embroidery. Whether you opt for a Christmas Tree ornament, a Christmas Wreath ornament, a Christmas Bell ornament, or a whimsical Christmas Bone ornament, each piece is designed to infuse your holiday decor with sophistication and festive charm. Select your favorites and let these shimmering symbols of the season's magic adorn your space, creating cherished memories for years to come.


These items are thoughtfully prepared and take 3-4 days for shipping. Your patience and support are invaluable, contributing to our dedication to meaningful business practices.


Dive into our Christmas Collection, where quality and care meet festive joy.


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Christmas Ornaments- Pack Of 2

₹1,400.00 Regular Price
₹1,260.00Sale Price
  • Handle your Christmas ornament with care to prevent breakage.  Regularly dust with a soft, dry cloth and inspect for wear or loose components. These simple steps will preserve its elegance and beauty for seasons to come.

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