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Our Personality

Studio Yuri is born out of creative experiments with hand embroidery, blending into the calming hues of nature, the comforted abstract designs of classic stripes and checks, embracing the serene tones of elegance and building the diverse interpretation of modern and traditional craft. At Studio Yuri, we invite you to experience the unique vision of grace and aesthetics of hand- embroidered home furnishing products.

Our Founder

"I was always crafty and creative, but life had other plans for me and I absolutely took a detour in starting my creative journey. Being a daughter of an army officer, I travelled across India, appreciating the diversity of our country, furthermore for higher education I travelled east of this world to South Korea, travelled more around the world, which further shaped my sub-conscious and believe that being different is the most natural way of being. Today, my creative process is fueled by the diverse colors, textures, and cultural influences encountered during my travels. I strive to push boundaries and offer unique home furnishing products that captivate with their elegance and originality. " – Kadambari

Our Commitment

At Studio Yuri, our commitment lies in utilizing the rich craft heritage of India to create products that can be appreciated worldwide. We embrace slow and sustainable processes, prioritizing the consumption of raw materials and minimizing waste. Our dedication to responsible practices extends to purchasing only the required stock, ensuring mindful production. Through these commitments, Studio Yuri strives to contribute to a more sustainable and conscientious approach to home furnishing, both in India and globally.

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