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Our curtain tiebacks offer the most practical and elegant solution for holding your curtains back, while you enjoy the morning sun or that beautiful breeze brushing against your face.


Key features:

  • Hand embroidered by Indian artisans. 
  • 100% high quality cotton
  • Off white color for a warm and welcoming look
  • Pincushion style to tie the curtains in place.
  • Easy wash

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Ziva Hand Embroidered Pincushion Curtain Tieback

  • The diameter of the cushion and length of the tieback varies according to the variant you choose.

    To know what size tieback you should choose, go through the sizing guide and size chart given in the image section.

    For an exact measure, follow the given steps -
    1) Tie a ribbon across your curtain
    2) Take a measuring tape and measure the length of the ribbon
    3) Add 3 inches to the measure and you have your tieback length that you need.

    Note - There are some specific suggestions that need to be kept in mind while sizing pincushion tiebacks , please read our blog on the perfect sizing guide - Blog 

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