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Elevate your space with our Ruffle Cotton Curtains. These curtains can enhance any space as they are light weight.


Price Per Single Curtain
Material: Cotton Voile
4-5% Shrinkage
Length deviation tolerance for custom curtains is +/-2 inch.


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Ruffle Cotton Curtain

  • Standard width of this fabric is 42 inches. Post stitching the width of the curtain depends on the header style.

    Header Syle  Width of 1 Panel
    Loop Style 36
    Double Pinch Pleate 17.5


    How to calculate curtains as per width (W) of window/door?

    Loop Style Header: (Width x 1.5) /40

    Double Pinch Pleat Header: (Width x 2)/ 40

    For e.g. if the window/door width is 100 inches then the number of panels required for loop style header will be: (100 x 2) / 40 =5 curtain panels. 

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