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This is a ready to ship piece, and will be shipped in 3-4 working days. Please go through our shipping policy for further details. 


The price mentioned is for 1 piece.


How to measure the size for curtain tieback correctly:


Step 1: Gather your curtains together that you want to tie in a single curtain tieback. 

Step 2: Tie any string around them at a length where the gather seems perfect that is not too tight and not too loose.

Step 3: Take an inch tape and measure the circumference of the string, while it is tied to the curtain.  


Note* If the circumference is 15inch then a 17.5 inch tieback is best suited for you and not 15 inch.


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Cyane Pleated Belt Style Curtain Tie Back | Curtain Tiebacks

  • These are Yuri By Kadambari's original handmade designs, that are made using beautiful Indian hand block print fabrics, in a unique pleated design with delicate lace detailing, to give a stunning yet traditional look to your curtains, drapes, sheers and kitchen curtains


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