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Introducing Archana, a mesmerizing hand-embroidered pullback tieback that harmoniously blends artistic finesse with functional elegance.


  • This is a made to order piece
  • It will take us 15-20 working days to prepare it.
  • The price mentioned is for 1 piece, not a set.
  • Hand embroidered by Indian artisans. 
  • For sizing, please refer to the sizing guide


At Studio Yuri, we prioritize sustainability and craftsmanship, and each product is meticulously crafted on-demand.


Our made-to-order approach allows us to minimize waste and offer you unique, tailored pieces. Due to this commitment to quality and sustainability, please allow 15-20 working days for the creation and shipment of your bespoke items.


We appreciate your understanding as we strive to deliver exceptional, environmentally conscious products!

Archana Hand Embroidered Curtain Tieback | Pullback Curtain Holder

  • Crafted from quality cotton fabric this product requires gentle care. Please give it a mild handwash using cold water.  Avoid scrubbing or machine washing for optimal maintenance.

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